Japan Specified Skilled Worker Program 2024 (Benefits, Requirements)

Are you the one who is interested in Agriculture, farming, Construction, food service, Healthcare, Shipbuilding, ship machinery, etc? Japan is looking for the “Specified Skilled Workers” (SSW). The Specified Skilled Worker Program was launched by the Government of Japan in 2019 to address the severe labor shortages in Japan in 12 areas. It comes under a type of Japanese work visa that offers a win-win situation for both foreign workers and the Japanese economy.

It allows longer stays (up to 5 years) and more stable employment. In this program, you will get advanced guidance on living in Japan in a language that you can understand. Transportation from/to the airport is also included. Employers will also help you rent a house, and open a bank account so you can live comfortably in Japan. You can not bring your family. More details, the process, and the requirements of the Japan Specified Skilled Worker Program are given below.

Eligible Occupations Covered by Japan Specified Skilled Worker Program (SSW)

12 fields are right now the most in-demand field of all time. Applicants who have experience in these fields can apply for the Specified Skilled Worker program.

  1. Nursing Care: Help people with daily needs like bathing, eating, and using the bathroom.
  2. Building Cleaning Management: Keep buildings clean and organized.
  3. Machine Parts and Tooling Industries: Make parts, machines, and electronics.
  4. Construction Industry: Build and maintain buildings and infrastructure.
  5. Ships Building and Ship Machinery industry: Build and maintain ships and boats.
  6. Automobile repair and maintenance: Fix and maintain cars.
  7. Aviation Industry: Help planes take off and land.
  8. Accommodation Industry: Make guests feel welcome and comfortable.
  9. Agriculture: Grow crops and raise animals, farming,
  10. Fishery and Aquaculture Industries: Catch seafood and raise fish on farms.
  11. Manufacture of Food and Beverages: Make and sell food and drinks (except alcohol).
  12. Food Service Industry: Cook and serve food in restaurants.

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Benefits of Specified Skilled Worker Program

  • The SSW is a type of newly established “Status of Residence”.
  • It is a long-stay visa for up to 5 years.
  • Access to social security and other benefits.
  • You will get a Good salary.
  • Transportation from/to the airport will be arranged on your arrival/departure.

Please check this link that is provided for the support of SSWs.


There are currently two types of Japan Specified Skilled Workers (SSW):

  • Type (i):
    • Focuses on general skills and knowledge in a designated industry.
    • Requires a lower level of Japanese language proficiency (JLPT N4 or higher).
  • Type (ii):
    • Focuses on more specialized skills and qualifications in a designated industry.
    • Requires a higher level of Japanese language proficiency (JLPT N3 or higher).
  • Both types require you to have a sponsoring employer in Japan.

General Process for Japan Specified Skilled Worker Program

The general process of the Specified Skilled Worker program is given on the official website (You can visit the link).


However please note that the procedures are different slightly depending on the country.

For details, please check the List of Japanese embassies. Select your country and go to the Visa services, click on work/long stay visas, and Find the information about the “Specified Skilled Worker” program for your country.

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