List of Scholarships in European Universities for 2024-25

Do you know that there are more than 2,000 universities in Europe, and more than 1.5 Million international students from around the world are studying in European Universities? It is nearly impossible to add all the Scholarships in European Universities in this post. However, we have created a list of the most popular scholarships in European Universities funded by the European Union, and the European Commission, and some universities have their scholarships for international students.

Itlay, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, and Slovenia are some of the cheapest options for international students in terms of tuition and living expenses. European Universities have High-Quality Education. The biggest benefit is that most European countries allow international students to do a Part-time Job. During holidays, break students will have an opportunity to Travel to other European Countries without acquiring a Visa. The List of Scholarships in European Universities is given below.

List of Top and Popular Scholarships in European Universities for 2024-25

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1) University of Malta Scholarships 2024/25

The University of Malta has 200 scholarships for International students from non-European countries. International students can apply for the Masters, and PhD degree programs. 50 scholarships for Masters, and 50 scholarships for PhD.

2) University of Pavia Tuition Fee Waiver Scholarship in Italy

Each year the University of Pavia offers 50 Tuition Fee Waiver scholarships for international students to pursue Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

3) NL Scholarships in Netherlands Universities

NL Scholarship is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education and Culture and Science. It offers bachelor’s or master’s in the Netherlands universities.

4) Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship in German Universities

The Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship can be taken at any state-recognized German university. Each year the foundation offers 1500 scholarships. The Scholarship can be taken in any Undergraduate, Masters, PhD programs.

5) Romanian ARICE Scholarships 2024

The Romania ARICE Scholarship is for international students to pursue Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s, postgraduate/residency, and PhD studies in any accredited state university in Romania.

6) University of Bologna International Talents @Unibo Scholarship

The Bologna University is the oldest Italian University. It offers 80 scholarships under International Talents @Unibo for the Bachelor, Master’s, and combined Bachelor/Master’s programs.

7) Politecnico di Milano Merit Based Scholarship 2025 in Italy

The scholarship is open to international students for the master’s degree program. 65 Scholarships are available.

8) University of Milan Excellence Scholarships 2024-25

The University of Milan is offering 155 excellence scholarships for the master’s degree programs. You don’t need to apply separately for this scholarship.

9) Bocconi University Graduate Scholarship 2024-25

Bocconi University is offering a Graduate Merit scholarship for international students to enroll in their Master of Science programs.

10) Barcelona (BSE) Scholarships in Spain

The Barcelona School of Economics is offering a Master’s Degree program. The School is offering financial aid as well as fully funded scholarships for international students.

11) 1,000 PhD Scholarships in Finland Universities

1,000 fully funded PhD positions are available in 12 Finland universities under a New Pilot program by the Finland Ministry of Education and Culture.

More European Countries Scholarships

This is not the end yet. There are more scholarships in Europe for international students. Please check our Scholarships in Europe category.

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