List of Tuition Free Universities in Germany (Updated 2024)

Germany is the Higher Educational Hub for international students—the number of international students is increasing in Germany every year. Consider Germany if you want to study Free of Cost. I have gathered a List of Tuition Free Universities in Germany for international students. Explore these universities and their degree programs. Select these universities while applying for any fully funded German scholarship like DAAD EPOS, DAAD Helmut, DAAD MIDE Scholarship, or DAAD Study Scholarships for Master studies.

The reason behind telling you about the Tuition Free Universities in Germany is that some scholarships do not cover Tuition fees, while the rest of the expenses are covered. So, tuition-free universities will help you to study free of cost. You can check the list of all BS MS PhD Scholarships in Germany and read about them. After graduating you can also apply for the Germany Opportunity Card or Germany Job Seeker Visa. Both Visas allow you to Stay in Germany to look for employment. The List of Tuition Free Universities in Germany for International students is given below.

List of Tuition Free Universities in Germany in 2024 (As of June 2024)

Most Public Universities in Germany are free for international students. This is because these universities are funded by the German government.

More information on the Type of University and about the Tuition Fees can be found on the DAAD website.

Note for International Students: In the state of Baden-Württemberg, located in the Southwest region of Germany, there is a small tuition fee (1,500 €/semester) for students coming from outside of the EU.

You can also write on the Google like this “List of Tuition Free Universities in Germany” and i hope you will find many helpful resources.

Choose the Right University

If you have a Low GPA and you also want to study in Germany without Paying the Tuition Fee then apply to those Universities that are in smaller cities, and smaller towns because there will be less competition.

Study in Germany Without IELTS

Here is a List of Universities to Study in Germany Without IELTS.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality education free of cost in a beautiful and central European location, Germany is a great option to consider!

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