Nursing Jobs in Australia 2023 (50,000AUD/Year)

Nursing Jobs in Australia are very high in demand. They pleased foreign workers to apply for Nursing Jobs in Australia in 2023. Even if you have completed your Secondary education you can apply for the Study Visa for Australia. And you just need to do a 6 months nursing course in Australia. The doors for Jobs in nursing are open to you. All-time high-demand Job profession in Australia. In western Male nurses are in demand. I got many emails about Nursing Jobs.

After COVID the demand has been more increased. There are three types of nursing Jobs in Australia. Nurses in Australia can easily earn 50,000 to 60,000 AUD. On weekends 50 AUD/Hr and on weekdays 35 AUD/hr. So, I will tell you step-by-step details about the Nursing jobs in Australia for foreigners. You do not need a Job offer to apply for the Visa.

Details About Nursing Jobs in Australia 2023 – How you can get it

  • Job Country: Australia
  • Profession: Nursing
  • Who can Apply: Anyone from any Country.

I will cover important information regarding the Nursing profession and how you can get a Nursing Job in Australia.

Who can Apply for a Job as a Nurse in Australia?

Nursing is an all-time high-demand profession in Australia and the need is increasing day by day.

If you have completed your secondary education and you are 18 years old then you can apply for the Australia Visa.

You can apply for any Visa such as a Skilled Visa, Study Visa, or any type of skilled worker Visa. You may check Australia Skilled Worker Visa 2023 Types and Requirements.

How to Get Admission into Nursing?

Get admission into 9 month or 1-year diploma Nursing program in Australia. The best is to apply for a study Visa for Australia.

Categories of Nursing in Australia

Four  Categories:

  1. Certificate Three (Assistant in Nurse) Care for Adults
    1. It is a 6 to 9-month course in Australia that will prepare you for nursing. This basically comes in caring for Adults. Care home Jobs such as helping with clothes wearing, bath, giving them food, etc.
    2. Certificate Four (Medication Nurse)
      1. On this certificate you are eligible to work in Nursing Homes and you will be responsible to give medication, medicines on time to patients. It is also a 6-9 months course.
    3. Enrolled Nurse: It is a 1.5-year course in Australia.
    4. Registered Nurse: The Registered Nurse is a full 3-year degree program in Australia. A registered nurse is a qualified nurse.

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Go for Certificate Three or Certificate Four

The best is to do these two courses or anyone of them. Because Registered nursing is a Full-time degree program and it can be expensive.

You can spend a very good life in Australia with your family. You can either do certificate three or certificate four. Both have high demand and Job opportunities.

Benefits of Nursing Certificate Three and Certificate Four in Australia

  • You don’t need to do a Degree.
  • You don’t need to spend so much on your Tuition Fee
  • Just do a 6-month course in Australia and you will get a Job in Australia in nursing.
  • Secure Career. All-time demand.
  • Flexibility: Morning Shift, Evening Shift, Night Shift.
  • Due to the aging population, nurses are in high demand
  • There are numerous job openings and opportunities

Get Permanent Residency

Convert your study Visa into PR. Nursing is a high-demand profession in Australia so you can apply for a permanent residency, and people get it very easily. Because nursing is all time in demand.

Nursing Salary Package (After Cert Three and Four)

No Degree, but can earn a Good monthly salary.

  • 5,000 AUD/Month
  • Weekdays: 35AUD/hr
  • Sat-Sun: 50 AUD/hr

Many people Just work on Saturdays and Sundays in Nursing because of the high Pay per hour.

How to do a Nursing Course in Australia

  • Course Duration: 6-9 Months
  • The best way is to apply online for certificate courses in Australian Universities.
  • Search on Google that which Australian Universities offer these types of nursing courses or certificate courses.
  • Apply online, take admission, Pay the Fee, and then apply for the Study Visa.
  • This is the easiest way. Once you apply for the Visa wait for the decision.
  • Once you receive the Visa you can come to Australia and start studying nursing course. You will definitely get a Job within six months.

Bring Your Family as a Dependent

What you can do on a study Visa that you can also apply for your family and bring your family.

The benefit of this is that you or your partner can also enroll in a certificate course once they come with you to Australia on a dependent Visa.

Nursing Home Jobs in Australia (Demand)

Right Now there is a lot of demand in Australia for nurses. According to the Australian Immigration Department, they said they are facing a shortage of Nurses.

They need 85,000 nurses by 2025, and 123,000 nurses by 2030 under current settings.

Duration of Nursing Courses in Australia

Type of CoursesDuration
Diploma Courses12 months
Graduate Certificate12 months
Bachelor Degree24 months
Master Degree12- 18 months

Cheap Nursing Courses Universities in Australia

Central Queensland University
University of Sunshine Coast
Flinders University
Western Sydney University
Avondale College of Higher Education
James Cook University
James Cook University
James Cook University
Monash University
University of Notre Dame
Edith Cowan University

Here is a List of Nursing Jobs in Australia in 2023 for Foreigners

After completing the nursing course in Australia you can find thousand of Jobs in nearby nursing Homes, or in Hospitals.

You can also apply online. Here are some Top sites for Nursing Jobs in Australia.


Steps to Remember to Move to Australia to Start a Nursing Job.

  1. Start searching for Nursing Courses in Australia
  2. Take admission into the University.
  3. Apply for a Study Visa or any other work Visa.
  4. Complete your course in Australia
  5. And finally, search for Jobs, and you will get it.

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