University of Pavia Tuition Fee Waiver Scholarship in Italy (2024-25)

To attract and strengthen the presence of international students, the University of Pavia has announced the 50 Tuition Fee Waiver scholarships for the academic year 2024/25. Without the IELTS requirement. The award will be given on a “first come first served basis“. You can apply for the Bachelor, and Master’s degree programs. One of the great benefits is you do not need to provide the submission of any financial documents. You must be a non-EU student.

The Pavia University is a prestigious public university located in Pavia, Italy. Founded in 1361, it is one of the oldest universities in the world and one of the most renowned in Italy. Students enrolling in the first year of the program will get a tuition fee waiver. Dont worry, Italy is an affordable country as well and tuition fees are very low. Below you will find more details about the University of Pavia Tuition Fee Waiver Scholarship.

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About University of Pavia Fee Waivers 2024-25

  • Host Country: Italy
  • University: Pavia
  • Degree Level: Bachelors, Masters
  • Enrollment: Enroll from 15th May to 23rd May 2024

Beneficiaries, Amount, and Duration

  • 50 Tuition fee waivers for the first year.
  • Without the submission of any financial documents
  • Holders of the tuition fee waiver will only pay the Enrollment Tax, a sum of 156 euros

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Other Scholarships at the University of Pavia

  • EDiSU Scholarships:
    • Free accommodation at University hostels
    • One free meal per day at University canteens
    • Financial support based on students’ economic situation
  • Invest Your Talent In Italy Scholarships:
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs program
    • Full or partial fee scholarships for international students
  • Italian Government Scholarships:
    • Programs for international students not residing in Italy
    • Support for study, training, or research degree programs


The applicants must fulfill all the following requirements:

  • Hold a non-Italian citizenship (either Non-EU or EU)
  • Reside outside Italy
  • Possess a Secondary School Diploma/Bachelor’s degree obtained outside Italy.
  • Be admitted and enroll in a non-restricted access Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program

Winners Announcement

The winners will be notified by email within the first days of June 2024.

Application Fee

The application fee for admission to the current academic year is 35 euros.

How to Apply for the University of Pavia Tuition Fee Waiver Scholarship?

  • Apply on for a nonrestricted degree program
  • Get your admission letter
  • Enroll from 15th May to 24th May 2024
  • The first 50 enrolled students will get the fee waiver.
  • Apply now to study in Italy for free.


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