BS MS PhD Scholarships in Spain for 2025 (Study in Spain)

Spain is a Southern European Country and the fourth-most populous European Union member state. Spain has become the most popular destination in Europe for international students in recent years. High-quality education at an affordable price. That’s the Motto. In this post, I will highlight BS MS PhD Scholarships in Spain for the 2025 intake. Spain is home to popular cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia. Home to popular festivals like Running of the Bulls, and La Tomatina. An ideal destination for Higher Education.

According to the reports by the Spain Ministry of Education, there were 224,080 international students in Spain. Compared to other European countries, Spain has a relatively low cost of education. Public Universities charge much lower fees. In Spain, scholarships are offered by the Spanish Government as well and university-specific scholarships are also available. Let’s check out the list of Scholarships in Spain for International students and the benefits of studying in Spain.

Why You Should Study in Spain as an International Student?

Here are the advantages and the benefits of studying in Spain:

  • No Language Test Required: Most Spanish universities do not require IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT for admission.
  • Low Tuition Fee: Spanish Public Universities are the cheapest universities.
  • High Rate of Acceptance: There is not much competition in Spain. So if you have a low GPA and even no publication you can study in Spain.
  • Affordable to Live: Spain is one of the Cheapest countries in Europe. Small cities are very cheap.
  • Work in Europe: Spanish degrees do not need any equivalence or accreditation.

List of Scholarships in Spain for International Students in 2024-2025

The following scholarships are waiting for you to study in Spain:

1) Spanish Government Scholarships

The Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports offers several scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Spain. These scholarships can cover tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs.

2) Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

The Erasmus Mundus is a European Union Scholarship program for international students. This scholarship covers Tuition, monthly stipend, accommodation, and travel costs. Erasmus Mundus scholarship is available in many Spanish Universities.

3) La Caixa Foundation Scholarships

The La Caixa Foundation Scholarships are for those international students who want to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Spain.

Each year they offer 100 fellowships. The scholarship covers:

  • Tuition coverage
  • Monthly living stipend
  • Travel allowance
  • Health insurance
  • Cultural activities allowance
  • For more information visit here

4) UIC Barcelona Scholarship

The UIC Barcelona Stands for Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC). UIC offers excellent scholarships for international students in the fields of Biomedicine, Bioengineering, Law, Business, Communication, Psychology, Nursing Physiotherapy, Psychology etc.

5) European University of Atlantic Scholarships

The European University of Atlantic offers merit and academic scholarships for international students. These scholarships offer exemptions on tuition fees, ranging from 50% to 100%.

6) Barcelona School of Economics Scholarship (BSE)

The BSE offers scholarships for the master’s degree program. Full or Partial Tuition Waivers 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25% on tuition fees.

7) Marie Curie Scholarships

A very prestigious and highly paid scholarship for researchers to do a PhD or Post Doc. It is also funded by the European Union.

8) The Fundación Carolina Scholarship

This foundation offers nice scholarships for postgraduate studies (Master’s and PhD) in all fields. The scholarship covers travel, tuition fees, a monthly stipend for living expenses, health insurance, and even preparatory courses in Spanish. Best to apply if you are already enrolled in a Spanish University.

Low Tuition Fee Universities in Spain

If you have a Low GPA then keep this advice in mind “Always go for the universities that are in Smaller Cities”. These universities relatively charge low tuition fees as compared to other universities located in popular and bigger cities.

  • University of Salamanca
  • University of Salamanca
  • University of Alicante
  • University of Jaén
  • University of Granada

Wrapping up this post. To study in Spain on a scholarship go to the websites of the above scholarships and spend some time exploring them. Read about the requirements, admission process, and important application dates to study in Spain.

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