Best Free AI Courses in 2024 – Uplift Your Self

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming various aspects of our lives. Many universities around the world started teaching about (Artificial intelligence). I will tell you the Best Free AI Courses in 2024 that you can learn without paying any fee. There are the best AI training courses you can enroll in for free, from the top companies like Google, Microsoft, Harvard, and others. Data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) are considered to be the most in-demand technologies.

AI is the future. There is demand in the market for the AI. From self-driving cars to personal assistants. AI is everywhere now. In this blog, I will list the best AI courses currently available, rather than paid degree courses that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you are not getting an answer you can ask from the AI using Free AI services like ChatGPT, and Bard. They will solve your problem within seconds.

List of Best Free AI Courses

Luckily, companies like Microsoft and Google offer free AI training courses, as well as Top universities like Harvard, etc. Here is a list of the Best Free AI Courses in 2023 below.

1) Google Artificial Intelligence Course

Google Launched its AI course in 2023. They provide free online courses through Google Cloud. You will get the certificate from Google after completing the course.

  • Introduction to Generative AI: Course Link: VISIT HERE
  • Introduction to Large Language Models: Course Link: VISIT HERE
  • Introduction to Responsible AI: Course Link: VISIT HERE
  • Introduction to Image Generation: Course Link: VISIT HERE
  • Encoder-Decoder Architecture: Course Link: VISIT HERE
  • Attention Mechanism: Course Link: VISIT HERE
  • Transformer Models and BERT Model: Course Link: VISIT HERE
  • Create Image Captioning Models: Course Link: VISIT HERE
  • Introduction to Generative AI Studio: Course Link: VISIT HERE
  • Generative AI Fundamentals: Course Link: VISIT HERE

2) Microsoft Free AI Training Course 

In July 2023 Microsoft announced its Partnership with LinkedIn to offer Free Artificial intelligence certification courses. 

Microsoft AI Course Outline

3) Harvard University Free AI courses

Harvard University offers a variety of free online courses in artificial intelligence (AI). In addition to these Harvard universities also offer many free online courses. Read Harvard University Free Online Courses.

4) IBM AI Courses

IBM offers a course entitled “AI Foundations for Everyone” through Coursera, of which over 19,000 people have already enrolled.

Free Websites to Find Free Online Courses

You can use these sources to find free online courses:

  • Coursera
  • edX
  • Class Central
  • Udemy
  • MIT OpenCourseWare
  • Khan Academy
  • Alison
  • FutureLearn
  • Udacity
  • Academic Earth
  • OpenCulture
  • The Open University
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