How to Apply for a Belgium Student Visa in 2024 (Study in Belgium)

The purpose of this visa is to undertake higher education in Belgium. International students who have been accepted into a Belgian university need to apply for the Belgium Student Visa. Belgium, where Great Mind Grows. Belgium has an excellent educational system and affordable tuition Fees. Recently I published a List of BS MS and PhD Scholarships in Belgium. High-quality education at a lower price. Top universities include KU Leuven, Ghent University, and Université Catholique de Louvain.

For the Belgium student visa, non-EU nationals will apply for the Belgium Long Stay Visa (D Visa) Category and are requested to appear in person at the visa application center to register their biometrics which includes scans of all fingerprints and live digital photos. Let’s check out the requirements, the required documents, and how to make an appointment.

Who Does Not Need a Belgium Student Visa?

You do not need to apply for a Belgian student visa if:

  • You are from the EU or EEA.
  • You live in one of the Schengen countries.
  • You are from the US, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Monaco, Republic of Andorra. If you are from one of these countries, you can directly apply for a residence permit after entering Belgium.

Requirements of a Belgium Student Visa

  • Student visa application form. (You can fill out this form from the VFS Global website or reach out to the Belgium embassy in your country of residence and ask them about the process.
  • Passport
  • Acceptance Letter (Proof of admission)
  • A supporting letter (Cover letter in which you describe why you want to study)
  • Proof of English language proficiency.
  • Clean criminal record
  • Proof of all previous educational documents.
  • Two pictures of you.
  • Health insurance.
  • Proof of your financial means (unless you are on a scholarship, you don’t need to provide proof of bank statement).

Note: The list of documents may be changed and varies, as it depends on the requirements set by the Belgian authorities for your nationality. So always check with the Embassy.

From here you can check the list of Belgium embassies and consulates in your country.

How to Apply for the Belgium Student Visa?

The application process for a Belgium student visa is as follows:

  • Be accepted at a university in Belgium: After you are accepted at the university, you can apply for a student visa.
  • Fill in your visa application form
  • Collect all the required documents
  • Schedule a visa appointment: If you have completed the application form, and have all the documents you can make an appointment.
  • For the appointments, you can book through VFS, if they handle Belgium visa applications in your country. The Visa application form is also available on VFS.
  • Attend an Interview: You need to appear in person with documents, biometrics, and pictures.

Visa Cost

The application fee for the Belgium student visa for all international applicants is 180 Euros. It is advised to always check the official website. Because the visa process and fee changes.

Who is Exempt from Student Visa Fee?

  • Spouse/partner and Children (under the age of 21) of EU and Swiss citizens
  • National from: Israel, San Marino, Japan, Morocco, and Turkey
  • Students with scholarships from the Belgian State
  • Students in the programs of Erasmus Mundus, Lotus, and Tempus.

Apply for the Residence Permit: After Arriving in Belgium

After you arrive in Belgium, you have eight days to register at your local administration office and get your residence card. This card will allow you to stay in Belgium for the duration of your study course.

EU students do not need a residence permit, but they have to register their stay if they intend to stay longer than three months.

Work in Belgium while Studying

As an international student, you can work 20 hours a week during the semester. I hope it helps. Share with others and best of luck for your journey.

Conclusion: This is a general guide for the students who want to apply for the Belgium student Visa. It is advised to check with the official website or with the Embassy of Belgium in your country. Find the list of all Belgium embassies.

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