Finland Student Visa Process 2024 (Residence Permit for Studies)

Finland requires residence permits for studies from the students who are coming to Finland for studies. If you are coming to Finland for studies that are more than 90 days then you will apply for the Residence permit for studies. So it is important to know about the Finland Student Visa Process 2024. Let’s discuss about the Finland Student Visa Process 2023 step by step below.

The number of international students consistently increased in Finland this year. Finland granted 7,060 residence permits for studies to applicants from outside Europe. You can travel to Finland in just 10 days by applying for the Finland D Work Visa. This is a fast-track online service by Finnish Immigration.

Details About Finland Student Visa Process

  • Host Country: Finland
  • Visa Type: Finland Residence permit for studies
  • Who can Apply: Students

Who can Apply for the Finland Residence permit for studies

The Finland Residence permit for studies is for students from outside the EU Union coming to Finland for higher education.

You will be granted a residence permit if you have been accepted as a student at an educational institution in Finland.

The educational institution can be a university, a university of applied sciences, a general upper secondary school, or a vocational education institution

Types of Finland Residence Permits

Your residence permit can be either an A permit or a B permit.

  • You will be granted an A Permit if you are coming for a higher education degree such as Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD
  • Degree other than a higher education degree, you will be granted a B permit.

Benefits of A Permit

  • You can apply for a permanent residence permit when you have graduated and lived in Finland with an A permit for four years.
  • Your family members can be granted an A permit.
  • You can complete some of your studies in another EU Member State.

Benefits of B Permit

  • Your family members can be granted a B permit.
  • Your permit does not give you the right to study in any other EU Member State.
  • You can change the B permit to the A permit.

Requirements for Finland Residence Permit for Studies

  • You need to be able to support in Finland for the entire duration of your studies.
  • You must be able to show proof of payment in your bank account on how you will finance your stay in Finland during the first year of your studies.
  • If you have been granted a scholarship or your educational institution will support your living in Finland, you do not necessarily need to have 560 euros per month at your disposal.

Get a Residence Permit

You will get a residence permit if you have been accepted by the educational institution in Finland.

Get Insurance

As a student, you must be able to cover the cost if you become ill in Finland. To get a residence permit you must take private insurance that will cover your medical and pharmaceutical expenses.

  • Attach a certificate of insurance to your application.
  • Your insurance must be valid when you arrive in Finland.

Required Documents

  • A valid passport
  • Passport Photo
  • Color copy of the passport page containing your data
  • Acceptance letter from Finland Educational Institute.
  • Bank statement covering the past three months
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Earlier degree certificates
  • Potential certificates of employment if you have done any work previously.

Steps Involved in Finland Student Visa Process

Application Process for Finland residence permit for studies:

1) Fill out the online application and add documents

You can fill in the application online for the Study residence permit in Enter Finland. The fee for an online application is lower than for a paper application.

2) Pay the Processing Fee

  • If you apply for a residence permit online in Enter Finland, you need to pay a fee online.
  • If you apply for a residence permit with a paper application, you need to pay the processing fee, when you visit a Finnish embassy.

3) Prove Your Identity

Book an appointment at a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate). You can also prove your identity at a VFS Global application center.

4) Wait for the Decision

If you apply online, you will receive a notification by email about the progress.

5) Wait for the Residence Permit

If your application is approved, you will receive a positive response on Your Residence permit.

Get Your Visa in 10 Days With Finland D Visa

You can apply for the Finland D Visa online using the fast-track service. With a D Visa, you can enter Finland without a residence permit card as soon as you have been issued a residence permit.

Apply for a D visa to Enter Finland at the same time as you apply for a residence permit.

Processing Time

If it’s your first time Expected processing time for electronic application is 2 months

Work During Studies

If you have been granted a residence permit for studies, you are allowed to work in paid employment in any field for an average of 30 hours per week.

Helpful Links

Can Students get PR in Finland?

Yes. If you apply for Higher education in Finland you will get an A Permit for studies. You can apply for a permanent residence permit when you have graduated and lived in Finland with an A permit for four years.

What type of residence permit is required for students in Finland?

Students have to apply for a Residence permit for studies.

How many years to get PR in Finland for international students?

It will take four years to get PR in Finland.

Can I settle in Finland after study?

Yes, you can apply for a permanent residence permit after completing your higher education in Finland and have been in Finland for four years.

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