Idioms with Examples and Meanings in English

What are Idioms and where they can be used? Idioms are Phrases that when read, its meaning cannot be deduced from the words in the phrase. You won’t be able to know its literal meaning by reading it. Their meaning is totally different from the individual words in the Phrase. Idioms with Examples and Meanings in English is: “Raining Cats and Dogs”. Now you can not deduce the literal meaning of this Phrase.

Now the actual meaning of the above Idiom is “It has been raining heavily”. Another Common Example of an Idiom is “Actions Speak Louder than Words“. The meaning of this Idiom is that “it does not matter what one says what matters is what one is doing”. In this post we are going to tell you about the list of common Idioms, and which Idioms you should learn.

Why Idioms Are important and where they are used?

Idioms are used in the IELTS Speaking tests as well. You have to be sure and know about Idioms. You have to be creative and quirky in IELTS writing. Idioms make your writing more dynamic and are fun to read.

Idioms With Examples and Meanings in English

So, here’s a list of the common idioms with their meanings and sentences:

IdiomIdioms Meaning
Beat around the bushTo avoid talking about what’s important
Get your act togetherGet organized and do things effectively
Hit the sackGo to sleep
Your guess is as good as mineI do not know
Good things come to those who waitTo have patience
Sell like hot cakesQuick sellout
Cut cornersDoing something in an easier and least expensive manner

Examples of Idioms With Sentences

  • Idiom: Break a Leg
  • Meaning: Good Luck
  • Sentence: Break a leg John, I am sure your performance will be great.

  • Idiom: Through thick and Thin
  • Meaning: In good times and in bad times
  • Sentence: Good friends are those who stay by your side through thick and thin.

  • Idiom: Don’t cry over spilled milk
  • Meaning: Don’t cry over what has happened as it can not be fixed.
  • Sentence: Walter failed his examination but his dad came and said just one thing, “Son, Don’t cry over spilled milk.

  • Idiom: A black sheep
  • Meaning: Being a disgrace to the family.
  • Example: They don’t talk about Marry anymore, turns out he was the Black sheep for the family, and he married someone else while he was still arranged with his fiancé.

Commonly Used Idioms Examples for Students

  • Time is Money: Time is important
  • Kicked the Bucket: To Die
  • As Cool as Cucumber: A very calm person
  • A Piece of Cake: Something that is very easy to do.
  • Ring a bell: That sounds familiar.
  • Blow off steam: To express extreme anger or stress
  • Face the music: To face reality

Idioms for Excitement

On cloud nineBeing very happy

Idioms for Kids

  • It’s a doddle, it means there’s nothing to it.
  • It’s a piece of cake, it means it’s easy
  • Break a leg, it means good luck

Conclusion: Idioms are phrases that make your writing creative that has a meaning beyond the words’ literal meanings is known as an idiom. There will be really helpful for writing essays, and your IELTS and TOEFL exams, but do not use them in research paper writing. If you are looking for Free IELTS Preparation then do check British Council Free IELTS Preparation Course 2023.

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