Greece Digital Nomad Visa 2024 (Process, Requirements)

Greece has been listed among the top countries that are suited best for digital nomads. Are you a digital Nomad who is interested to know more about the Greece Digital Nomad Visa, its requirements, and the application process? Please read the complete article. The Greece Digital Nomad Visa was launched in September 2021. The Greek Nomadic visa allows non-European nationals to work and live in Greece with No Job offer.

According to the reports 1,693 digital nomad visas were granted. The Greece Digital Nomad Visa is valid for one year and it can be renewable. Greece has beautiful islands, beautiful beaches, and tasty cuisine. The great benefit of a Greece Nomad Visa is that you will be allowed to travel to other Schengen Countries of Europe. Greece is a very welcoming country. Let’s talk more below.

About Greece Digital Nomad Visa

  • Country Name: Greece
  • Visa Length: One year
  • Possible to extend? Yes
  • Who can apply: Non-EU citizen

Digital Nomad in Simple Words

A digital nomad is someone who works remotely using technology, like with Mobile, Laptop allowing them to travel and live wherever they want.

Their laptop and mobile are an office. They use laptops, smartphones, and the internet to do their jobs. So they can work from anywhere in the world. That is why a Digital Nomad Visa is introduced by many countries such as:

Examples of Digital Nomads

  • Working remotely for a Company.
  • Freelancer, Youtuber, Blogger
  • Travel Bloggers
  • Freelance Writers
  • Developers

Requirements for Greece Digital Nomad Visa

The main requirements to qualify for the Greece Nomad Visa are:

  • You must be a non-EU citizen.
  • You must prove that you are a digital nomad.
  • If working for a company remotely then you must provide a valid contract.

Income Requirements for Greece Digital Nomad Visa

  • As of October 2023: You must have a monthly income of at least €3,500.
  • If you are coming with your spouse and one dependent then you must show you can earn €4,830€/month.
  • The income requirement increases by €700 per month if you add any dependents.

Visa Validity

Valid for one year. You can renew it later once it is near to expiration.

Visa Cost

  • €70 application fee.
  • €150 administration fee.

Processing Time

It can take up to 2 months to process your application. The processing time is different for each country depending on the visa officer, rush hours, and peak load.

Required Documents

  • A valid passport is required.
  • Application form for Nomad Visa
  • A cover letter describing the purpose of your travel
  • Proof of employment, remote worker.
  • Proof of income
  • A clean criminal record
  • Proof of accommodation in Greece
  • Proof of health insurance
  • A return flight ticket
  • A medical certificate

How to Apply for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa?

  1. First, make sure that you meet the income requirements and prepare all the documents.
  2. Then set an appointment with the Greek consulate in your home country. You can do it from this link
  3. All application forms and visa services can be obtained from the above link.
  4. It is best to contact the Greek embassy in your country for updated information.
  5. Submit your digital nomad visa application, attend an interview
  6. Wait for the response.

Get a Residence Permit for a Nomad Visa

When you enter Greece with a digital nomad visa, you have to register for a residency permit at the nearest Aliens and Immigration.

Can Your Family Members Join You?

Yes, you can bring your family members on a Greece Digital Nomad Visa. This includes:

  • Spouse
  • Your children who are under the age of 18.

Tax on Digital Nomads in Greece?

  • If you are staying for 6 Months: You are not considered a tax resident of Greece and don’t pay Greek income tax on income earned from foreign sources.
  • If you are staying for More than 6 Months: Greece offers a 50% tax reduction program for qualified non-habitual residents (including digital nomads)

For tax information please read the Law 4825/2021 for the Greece digital nomad.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum salary for a Greek digital nomad visa?

  • at least €3,500.

Which is the easiest visa for a digital nomad?

According to me, the easiest nomad visa is the one that has low-income requirements monthly. You can search on the Internet about Lower income requirements for Digital Nomad Visas

Which EU countries offer digital nomad visas?

Many EU Countries have a Digital Nomad Visa as well as a freelance Visa

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