Slovakia Seasonal Work Visa Process 2024 (Requirements)

Slovakia is a European Union country that offers seasonal employment to non-European nationals. Seasonal workers from non-EU countries play an important role in the labor markets of the EU Member States. I will give you the complete details of Slovakia’s Seasonal Work Visa Process. Slovakia offers seasonal employment for 90 days and a maximum of 180 days (6 months) within 12 months.

If you have a Schengen Visa (Tourist Visa) you can work in Slovakia in seasonal employment fields, which are agriculture, forestry, fishing, industrial production, construction, accommodation, and catering services for up to 90 days. Applying for a Slovakia work permit is Free of charge. More details, types of Slovakia Seasonal employment, and processes are given below.

Details About Slovakia Seasonal Work Visa Process

  • Country: Slovakia
  • Employment Type: Seasonal
  • Permit Type: Work Permit

Slovakia Hit All-Time High of 97,263 Employed Foreigners in June 2023.

Who can Apply for the Slovakia Seasonal Work Visa?

The Seasonal Visa is open to Citizens of the Non-European Countries. Citizens of EU Countries do not need a Visa to travel to Slovakia.

Types of Slovakia Seasonal Visa (Important Part)

Slovakia offers two types of seasonal employment:

  • Short-term seasonal work (up to 90 days)
  • Long-term seasonal work (up to a maximum of 180 days).

What do you need for Short Term Seasonal Work?

For short-term seasonal employment in Slovakia that should not exceed 90 days. You are required to obtain:

  • A Work permit
  • A Schengen visa for seasonal employment (if you are subject to visa requirements). If you do not need a Visa you can travel without a Visa. Check Slovakia Visa Free Regime Countries

What do you need for Long Term Seasonal Work?

The long-term seasonal work in Slovakia is for up to 180 days (approximately 6 months). You are required to obtain:

  • Temporary residence for seasonal employment.
  • Slovakia Long Term D Visa or Short Schengen Visa.

Slovakia Work Permit Process (For Short Term up to 90 Days)

Before applying for the work permit. Your future employer (the one who offered you a Job) must first report to Slovakia (“Labour Office” – Úrad práce) at least 10 working days before you apply for a work permit.

Then your employer may issue you a written promise of employment or conclude a contract of employment with you.

You or your employer may apply for a work permit at the competent Labour Office. (This part can be done by your employer too) because he is familiar with the process.

The Labour Office will issue a work permit within 20 working days.

The work permit is free of charge.

Schengen Visa (For Short Term upto 90 Days)

If you have been offered short-term employment for up to 90 days then you can apply for the Short Term Tourist Visa known as Schengen Visa.

The Schengen Visa process varies from country to country.

If you are from a Visa Free Regime country then you do not need a Visa for Slovakia.

Temporary residence for seasonal employment (Long-term seasonal work for up to 180 days)

Now if you have been offered an employment contract for more than 90 days then you have to apply for the “Temporary residence for seasonal employment”.

This will allow you to work in Slovakia for 180 days (6 months).

To get this permit you have two options:

  • Option 1: You can apply for the Temporary residence for seasonal employment and you can start working ONLY after you obtain the residence.
  • Option 2: You can perform short-term employment (90 days), and obtain a work permit as well as Schengen Visa for seasonal employment. The other ninety days are based on temporary residence for seasonal employment.

Before applying for the “Temporary residence for seasonal employment”, your employer must apply to the Labour office at least 20 working days before you apply for residence.

  • After this, your employer will issue a Contract letter.
  • In general, it is recommended to apply for temporary residence at the Slovak embassy.
  • After applying at the embassy the relevant office will contact directly from the Labour Office.
  • The fee for applying for a single permit to reside and work is EUR 35

Required Documents for Work Permit

To obtain a work permit, you or your future employer must submit:

  • Complete Application Form
  • Employment Contract
  • Accommodation Proof
  • Health Insurance

Required Documents for Schengen Visa

  • Complete Visa Application Form
  • Employment Contract
  • Work permit issued by the Labour Office
  • Accommodation Proof
  • Health Insurance
  • Proof of Criminal Record

Duration and Validity of Slovakia Seasonal Visa?

  • Short Tem Employment: 90 Days
  • Long-Term Seasonal Work: 180 Days

Useful Links

Slovakia Online Job Portals

You must have a Job offer from the Slovakia employer. Then you can apply for a work visa.

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